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Meet the Board

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Executive Board Members

Enidio Magel, President

Enidio is a co-founder of The Missy Project and Missy's dad. Enidio is a spiritual psychologist and President and CEO of the Multicultural Institute of Austin, a consulting firm that has such clientele as: Shell Oil, NBA, Marsh McClellan, 3M, Chase Bank, Johnson & Johnson, Discovery Channel, Gore, Exxon and more. Enidio has served on the boards of Austin Metropolitan Ministries and Seton Cove a division of Seton Hospital.

Brad Brown, VP and Planning & Development Director

Brad has two fabulous daughters and has lived in Austin since 1972. He represents buyers and sellers in the sale and purchase of residential properties in the Austin metropolitan area and work for Remax. Brad loves this cause and is passionate about getting the word out.

Charles McCann, Treasurer

Charles joined the Board in 2013 as Secretary and then moved to Treasurer. Charles graduated from Texas State in 2010 with a Finance & Advanced Economics Degree and for the past 3 years has worked as a Microsoft Sales Specialist at SHI. Charles is a family friend and has been a friend of Missy's since elementary school.

Meera Rajagopalan, Secretary

Meera has been actively involved with The Missy Project for the past three years and looks forward to helping The Missy Project educate and raise awareness of BAD. Meera has lost a family member to BAD and works in the nonprofit industry.

Mary Magel, Executive Director

Mary is a co-founder of The Missy Project and Missy's mom. Mary was involved in preventive care marketing and education. Mary has been Executive Director and a board member since 1999. Mary manages the daily operations of the Missy Project.

Voting Board Members

Craig Kemper, M.D., Research Chair

Dr. Craig Kemper is the Medical Director of the Brain and Spine Center University Medical Hospital at Brackenridge in Austin, TX. He serves as a Research Director for The Missy Project. Dr. Kemper joined the board in 2006. Dr. Kemper manages our Community Screening Research Program.

Mary "B" Battaglia, Marketing Chair

Mary B, a licensed Real Estate Agent for the past 20+ years, joined the board of The Missy Project in 2006. Mary was recently named "Salesperson of the Year" by the Austin Board of Realtors.

Shawn Parsons, Education & Website Chair

Shawn is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Finance and a focus in risk management. He is a financial planner at Edward Jones with an office in the Northwest Austin area. Shawn works with business owners, individuals, and families to help make smart choices about their finances and accomplish their goals.

Justin Nordhausen, Outreach Chair

Justin is a graduate of the University of Texas with a BA in 1995. He worked in Real Estate and the Financial Services industry. He's currently the Director of Business Development for an international private security firm. Justin's mother had a brain aneurysm and made a complete recovery, sparking his passion to help find a cure for B.A.D.

Dude Spellings, Fundraising Chair

Dude has served as a Board Member since 2009. He works in the IT business and helped create awareness of The Missy Project by hosting a race on his 40th Birthday. It was tremendously successful and he has been fundraising for The Missy Project ever since.

Jake Kevorkian, Tampa Chapter Director

For the past 25 years, Jake has been an Entrepreneur, owning and operating different businesses. Jake's passion for The Missy Project is a result of his close relationship with the Magel's that dates back more than 25 years, plus a strong desire to help more people understand that B.A.D. is 100% curable when properly educated on the symptoms and having access to proper screening.

Advisory Board Members

Alicia Bogart, Former Secretary

Alicia is a co-founder of The Missy Project and Missy's Aunt. Alicia is a Director in the office of the Vice President for Employee & Campus Services at the University of Texas at Austin. Alicia served as a board member from 2001-2011. She is responsible for getting the minutes out to the board members prior to and at board meetings. Alicia has served on numerous boards in the Austin area.

Alexander Clendennen, Marketing and Events

Alex is Missy's cousin and has been involved with The Missy Project since inception. Alex graduated with a finance degree from University of Southern California's Marshall School of Business. Alex works as a Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch where he manages the finances of a select group of families. Working with the board represents his biggest involvement yet and he is excited to help the Missy Project continue on its path of success.

Christine Doe, Former Board Member

Christine had a family member with B.A.D. and came to The Missy Project to help. She has been instrumental in fundraising and promoting events. She continues in her fight to raise awareness of B.A.D.

Patrick (Bud) Friedli, Co-Founder of The Missy Project

Patrick is the owner of Friedli Properties, a real estate investment firm. Patrick (Bud) has been a board member since 1999.  Bud assists with the annual golf tournament for scheduling golf teams and handling coordination of the day events. Bud served on the board for 10 years.

Mary Friedli, Co-Founder of The Missy Project

Mary is co-owner of Friedli Properties. Mary has been a board member since 1999. Mary assists with the yearly golf tournament for procuring sponsorship funds. Mary served on the board for 10 years.

Nicolet Magel, Events and Fundraising

Nicolet is Missy's older sister and is a co-founder of The Missy Project. She resides in South Austin with her husband and works as an Account Manager at Facebook.

Teeyia Mercer, Former Treasurer

Teeyia was treasurer for The Missy Project from 2009-2012. She works as an accountant for the University of Texas at Austin.

Fred Nugen, Research

Fred is a University of Texas Doctorial Research responsible for two of our Research Projects.

Diane Pilat, Outreach

Diane has recently retired after 20 years as Sales Executive with Discovery Financial Services. She served on the Austin Restaurant Associations Board and currently on the Advisory Board of the Crossings. Diane became a member of the board in January 2005 and served until 2011 as coordinator of our outreach program.

Alex Podwalny, Events and Fundraising

Alex was a friend of Missy's at Canyon Vista Middle School. She has stayed in touch with the Magel's, and became active with the project after graduating from the University of North Texas in 2008. She is a social media and marketing expert.

Carmen Rocco, M.D., Research

Dr. Rocco is a Pediatrician and the Owner of Brownsville Kiddie Health Center. Carmen is one of the leading pediatrics doctor in Brownsville, TX.

Cathy Rylander, Co-Founder

Cathy is a registered nurse who has volunteered her time since the beginning of the foundations history to advance brain aneurysm awareness.

Dr. Donna L. Shepard, O.D., Former Board Member

Dr. Shepard is a physician and a brain aneurysm survivor. She is owner of Austin Vision Associates. Lisa has been a volunteer since the beginning and decided to join the board after her personal experience. Lisa served on the board from 2007-2010. Lisa's professional knowledge and personal experience further our awareness program.

Lin Edwards, Advisory Financial Board Member

Lin is a Brain Aneurysm Survivor. She is First Vice President - Wealth Management Branch Manager at Merrill Lynch with 2 decades of experience.