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You can help advance medical research

Early detection screenings can save lives.

The Missy Project sponsors the only Early Detection Screening Program for Brain Aneurysm Disease (B.A.D.) in children and adults at Austin Brain & Spine Institute in Austin, TX. Together we provide FREE Magnetic Resonance Angiography (MRA) screenings to anyone who has a familial history of B.A.D.

The Missy Project is looking for eligible people with a family history of B.A.D. to participate in our Community Screening Program.

Qualify for a Free Screening

You may qualify for a Free Screening if you fit the following standards:

You are 16 years of age or older.

- And -

If you have two (2) family members (primary: mother, father, sister, brother; or secondary: grandmother, grandfather, aunt or uncle) who have had a brain aneurysm.

- And/Or -

If you have one (1) primary or secondary family member who has had a brain aneurysm and who has hypertension or is a smoker.

If you fit the above criteria, submit this form to Apply for a FREE Screening.