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Our Programs

Our Education Program

The Missy Project is committed to Raising Awareness of B.A.D. through our website and newsletters. We publish a bi-annual Update Newsletter. This newsletter is dedicated to keeping the public informed about brain aneurysm disease and keeps it on the radar screen of health professionals everywhere.

Our Awareness Program

September is Brain Aneurysm Month. But I bet you didn't see anything in the newspaper, magazine or on TV about Brain Aneurysm Awareness. It continues to be ignored although it affects 30,000 lives in the U.S. alone, many of whom are children.

What is the number of lives being affected that it will take to get more research and awareness about this disease?

The Missy Project is working to raise awareness of B.A.D. by events, newsletters, social media and hosting In Service Sessions for medical professionals.

Our Research Programs:

Research is at the heart of our mission. Early detection can save lives. Our Community Screening Program was established in 2004 to identify:

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